we’ve got moxie.

elementAl surfaces take us back to basics. As recycling becomes an issue, we need to find a way to launch new materials that repurpose our recycled materials. elementAl surfaces take plastic and metal from the post-consumer waste stream and meld them together into a stunning, easily machined surface that not only performs well, but offers a seamless solution to an industry problem. elementAl surfaces tell the story of the need for a more sustainable economy, in our offices and in our homes.

Architects and Designers have a simple solution to a complex problem: it’s elementAl.

about our products

Made from 87% recycled material, elementAl surfaces turn what would be waste into bold and inspiring surfaces. elemental is currently available in 13 designs, made using recycled resin, pigment, aluminum, copper, and for added moxie, brass. elementAl’s unique aesthetic is informed and emboldened by its story.


Atomic number 13. Luminous in appearance and incredibly versatile in application, aluminum is the most abundant metal on earth, making up 8% of the Earth’s core mass.


Atomic number 29. An element as old as human creation, the use of copper in practical and aesthetic applications dates all the way back to the Neolithic age. From the human liver to the coral in the depths of the ocean, copper is innate in the natural world.


Not quite an element, but it’s sure got moxie — so much so, in fact, that moxie is another name for brass. Brass is a yellow alloy comprised of copper and zinc. Brass is jazz, drama, and timeless sophistication.


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